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Re: I want an Eclectus

I don't have an ekkie but here's what I've heard about them, I'm fairly certain you know much more than I do.

First thing always makes me laugh... when they REALLY like you... they puke on you... I've heard stories of projectile vomit XD I'm not sure if this is just ekkies or all birds because I know parrots regurgitate for their mates... but I've heard it more about ekkies, especially with their "ranged attack" haha

I tried to help an ekkie pair a few years ago, the male was severely plucked, only feathers on his head and tush... and the female was VERY mean. HOWEVER, they were not treated like they should have been. Both gorgeous birds... I just wish I could have saved them.. I just don't have the experience or space let alone money for them... (pet store horror story to the max) I know that they can be temperamental and I think once they've gone through something like that, it's hard to bring them back so I assume they're rather emotional birds.

The only other ekkie thing is they are LOUDDDD! Oh my word they are LOUD.

I hope someone with more experience can help you! There's a few ekkie mommies and daddies on this forum so you should get some good info on them!
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