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Re: I want an Eclectus

If this is your first LARGE bird and you have a SMALL child, DO NOT ADOPT a bird or buy a adult bird from Craigslist. Buy one from a breeder, who has a good reputation and has socialized the bird while hand feeding and weaning. The bird throws up on you if he wants to mate with you. Mine adores me and will walk right by my wife to get to me. But he has thrown up on her and not me.

Eclectus's are one of the smartest birds that I have ever seen and not as tempermental as others like Greys. They are a more laid back bird. But they can be loud. Mine will let out a scream every now and then that I think could break crystal. But it's not often thank god.

Cage size should be 40" wide by 30" deep by 5 foot tall. This is the standard cage that I see being used for an eclectus and is the same size cage that I have for mine. But make sure and get a cage with a play top. My Eclectus spend quite a bit of time on the top of his cage, but it doesn't have a play top on it. I wished it did.

Eclectus diets aren't to drastically different than other species if you want a healthy bird. They do require more fresh fruits, veggies and such. foodpyramid this is a link to a good dietary chart and suggestions for an Eclectus.

Now, as far as biting, Eclectus's have softer beaks than say a Macaw, but they can still give a good bite when they want to. But that is all part of owning a parrot. I would rather get bitten by my Eclectus than my little Senegal. Mac has never drawn blood, but Tiki will draw blood faster than a blood bank when she is in one of those moods. Fortunately it's not very often.
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