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Re: How do you keep your birds warm in the winter?

Quote: Originally Posted by TheDukeofGoodCleanFun View Post
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We use two Avi-Temp infrared heaters for our three birds, who absolutely love them.

Avitech Exotic Birds - Supplies, Equipment and Nutritional Supplements for Birds!

They're hooked up to the thermostat (also sold on the site), so that when it's not below a certain temperature, the heaters are off. This way, we can keep the bird room door closed, and the house can be at, say 70, while the bird room is a nice 80 degrees F. These panels are one of the only truly "safe" ways I've seen out there to provide heat to birds. They mount directly on the cage, and only provide heat to objects, not to the air, so it doesn't take away humidity. Highly recommend these products!
Thank you!