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2 baby Ekkies oct 15th
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Thumbs up Baby Ekkies Almost 2 months old already!!!

Wow so these little guys have just grown and grown... I weigh them every other day and wow there both over 100 grams already..

Shrek has discovered he has wings and there getting to be quiet long wings.. he will run as fast as his big ol feet will take him flapping his wings and climb up on his stuff animal and jump... ... lol its quiet funny! HE is getting feathers along the edge of his wings now and the color is just beautiful.... he will dive into his food if im not fast enough, and run if he is set away from me to get to me... he will let us rub his head or neck or anywhere we chose and he will just relax and fall over into you while ur rubbing him .. He is so loveable and has started kissing me, and i finally for a picture of it.

Fiona.. she is sweet but just like i have heard can be a touch me not, she is eating good and just today dicovered she has wings... after feeding her she will climb to my hair or my friends beard and try to preen..

Both the babies have discovered that they have toys in there lil tank and they will play with them or fight over them , i placed a mirror in there with a bell and they get so mad at it sometimes and try to get the lil guy on the other side of mirror.. lol its quiet funny I was able to catch shrek playing with a toy and got a pic , in my folder...

I love these little guys so much .. every afternoon after lunch feeding we take a nap together , they curl up under my chin in my hair and sleep with me for at least a hr... so cute...

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