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Re: Funny conure stories

Roxynoodle, because of your post I am now not afraid to admit to having a foul-mouthed bird. My blue crowned conure Lincoln hated my ex-husband. My ex-husband hated Lincoln too because Lincoln used to scream for me all day long when I was away at work. Well, I guess my ex had enough of the screaming and cursed at Lincoln. I found out when Lincoln cussed me out one night, repeating to me what my ex undoubtedly said to him:

It was birdie bedtime, so the birds were in their cage and covered. I was still up watching TV in the living room adjacent to the bird cage. Lincoln likes his sleep to be nice and quiet. Guess he can dish out quite a bit of noise but cannot take it, because the TV disturbed him. In a low and disgusted-sounding voice he scolded me, "Awwwwww, shut the f*** up."

I apologized to Lincoln for the excessive TV noise, turned the TV volume way down low, and chuckled to myself. I love a bird that can speak his mind!!
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