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Re: Funny conure stories

I know me and friends/relatives are responsible for some of her cuss words, but she also says quite a few that I don't say. Then I realized they were saying them on the soap operas, and I said, ohhhh. But, honestly, this bird just knows it's a bad word and they appeal to her. If she hears it once, she learns it. Now she doesn't sit around cussing all day if anyone is thinking that. Something has cause her to do it. Like a stranger coming up to her cage and sticking their fingers in or playing with her toys.

I also have a friend that absolutely hates the birds and it's so obvious. Well, needless to say, they hate her, too. And that's when i learned the Nanday could say "F*** you." She said it to that friend 3x in a row a couple years ago.

My Blue Crown cussed only once, so really, I'm not a horrible, irresponsible bird owner, lol!
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