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Re: can't sleep

I have insomnia too. I just can't go to sleep. I actually slept last nite, what a relief. I take benedryl everynite & wait to actually get sleepy before turning the lights out. Watching tv does help me not fixate on my thoughts. I need a tv w/a sleep timer.

We had a breakin almost 2 years ago, they stold the tv right beside Merlins cage. Everytime I leave the house I think of it. We were so lucky they didnt take Merlin. Its very hard to leave the house w/o this huge fear. Now that Dawg is gone, its worse, I did feel like she could intimidate anyone thinking of breaking in, she was locked in another room when our breakin occured. Insominia makes night time tortureous, I can't explain to my husband how horrible it is, he goes to sleep in 2 minutes & sleeps all thru the night.
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