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Re: can't sleep

I also have insomnia and wake up several times during the night. Had a sleep study done and they said I woke up 46 times !!! I remembered 4 or 5.

My hot water heater set on fire back in 97 I think. Luckily my ex husband was here and got it out. But, I was coming back from working with my riding coach (horses) and as I'm coming down the road, I realize the fire department is at my house! I was so scared. I've been thinking about that a lot lately since the current water heater is the one I put in back then. I think I should replace it soon just as a precautionary measure. It's older now than the one that was here when I bought the house.

I think a house fire is one of the more devastating things a person can go through. Not only might you lose your beloved pets, but also things that can't be replaced like photographs or other sentimental items.

I have the same problem, antoinette. I can't stop thinking at night. It's like the time of day my brain is most awake. I've been this way for more than 30 years now. I haven't worked the last 2 years due to pancreatitis, but sometimes (at least once a week), I had to go to work not having slept at all the night before.

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