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Re: can't sleep

My husband too falls asleep in about 2 minutes, and he is so lucky. My added problem at the moment is we just changed bedrooms, and it takes me forever to get accostomed to the different sounds I hear at night. I can hear the cats play at night, the baby birds move around, the rescues iin the addition move about their cages, I hear the refrigerator and the furnace, I can hear the crackling of the fire in the wood burning stove... everything! And my brain goes into overdrive trying to figure out the sounds and if there is a problem. I can even hear the horses feet hit the ground as they run past the chicken coop in their dry lot. I can hear the outside hunting dogs barking. I think I am gonna pick up some Melatonin from the dollar store later today. It's not addictive or narchotic, and it helps me fall asleep. I need a night of rest, I get up at 5am and I go to bed at 10pm and I NEED to sleep.

I do feel less alone and crazy knowing that I am not the only one who rarely sleeps at night.

You guys are great, I felt quite a bit better after I posted this thread last night and I did finally fall asleep for a couple hours

I am sorry for all your sleeping troubles. People who don't suffer from insomnia don't completely grasp how torturous it is to lie awake thinking or worrying for hours after dark.

Most night I lull myself to sleep by thinking about something I am lookikng forward to and daydreaming about it.... it sounds stupid but it is a way for me to control what I am thinking about... because I can't solve financial and social problems at 2am! Lol

I have decided to attend the AFA convention in August in San Antonio, TX and I am very excited about some of the speakers, so I guess tonight I'll think about spending 3 days in Texas and all the wonderful things I might learn from people
Life is what happens while you're busy making plans.
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