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Re: Underweight cockatiels

Quote: Originally Posted by kartlight View Post
hello guys.
I have two cockatiels, 2 and almost 3months old each. What i'm really concerning about them is...
"they are too skinny"
the older one, 2months and 3rd weeks old lutino, is 75grams and younger one, 2month old normal pearl, is 70grams. I've googled standard cockatiel weight chart and my birds have to be almost 90grams at their ages.
They are currently eating formula once or twice a day and trying to crack various seeds themselves. (actually they eats seeds)
BUT they're too skinny.
Here's some background story.
I am the second owner and ex owner of my cockatiels had never raised any kinds of bird so she was struggling hand feeding baby birds. Finally she gave up rasing baby birds and they came to my place. When I adopted these kids from her, they were almost starved to death. I put TONS of effort to keep them alive and i'm pretty sure they are in good shape now.

How can i make them gain standard weight?
I mean not just "fatting up".
Please give me your tips and know-hows.
(and sorry for my bad english, its not my first language.)
English is fine.

The weights of the tiels are average & i wouldn't worry to much about them putting on a lot of weight at this stage. Although a little on the light side. Don't forget they are very young & won't reach a good weight until they are about 12 months old. If the birds have been malnurished it will take many months for them to put that weight back on.

If you feel they are to skinny feed them a good quality of cockatiel seed, the sunflower will help put on the weight but will take some months. You could chop up hulled sunflower seeds finely & put about 1/4 of a teaspoon in the formula every day or two.

To check for your self feel the sternum or breastbone & the pectoral muscles on each side you are checking to feel where the keel is protruding like a knife blade, a danger sign, & whether the pectoral muscles are convex, meaning rounded out, they should be or flat slightly concave or very concave, severly chronically ill & weak bird.

Cockatiels are not fruit eating birds although they do enjoy apple. I mostly feed my tiels, a small parrot seed mix, sprouted seeds, a few pellets, they absolutely love dark green leafy veg, grated carrot, peas, beans & corn on the cob. Keep up with the hand rearing formula untill such time as they don't want it any more.
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