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Re: Funny conure stories

Con's cage is in a corner right next to my bedroom window. I figured he'd like to perch in the sun when he can so I put a twistable rope perch on the side of his cage.

I just finished cleaning his cage and since it's such an unusually nice day out for December in Nebraska, I decided to open the window. I doubt Con's ever even smelled fresh air and he really seemed to enjoy the first few seconds in the cool breeze until my three cats crowded him and forced him back to the top of his cage.

Con fluffed up then ran down his cage and onto the perch with his beak wide open and stretched as far as he could to nip at the cat in the window. He was short by about an inch but the cat noticed him and leaned closer to smell the odd feathered thing reaching for him.

Con gave the cat a good tap on the nose with his beak and flapped his wings like he was about to take off. My cat fell from the sill and Con has had the window all to himself for the past ten minutes now.
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