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Re: I have a deposit on a baby :D

Quote: Originally Posted by lene1949 View Post
What a gorgeous baby... Congratulations.. When do you expect to get him home?
The breeder told me it could be 5 to 6 more weeks. He also said it depends on the bird.

I am willing to be patient (willing but not promising I am inside lol) if it means a healthier baby and a better start.

I just can't wait!!

Thanks everyone for the kind words and responses! I am sure only you all can understand the excitement I feel. My husband and kids are happy about it but all evening when I have looked over at my computer desktop (his pic is my wallpaper) and just smile and make girly noises they all look at me like I have lost it lol. No one can understand why I am so excited about a bird. It is great to have you all to share it with so thank you .

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