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Re: target training

Hi there,
You can do multiple simple tricks at the same training session, such as targeting, step up, wave, shake and turn around. You don't need to train the bird too much every day. Once a day is perfect. Twice is at most. Every training session doesn't need to be long. 10-15 minutes is a good start. However, if the birds still show interest in what you are teaching, you can extend the training period. Usually, they will not focus any more after half an hour.
You'd better train parrot in the evening because they can pay more attention after sunset.
Plus, do not repeat the learned trick too much. Parrot will be bored and lose interest very soon in that way. You just need to refresh old tricks like 3 times and go on teaching new tricks. Just remember, keep training session fun for parrot.
In most cases, you parrot can easily learn these 5 trick in 2 days.

If any more questions, just ask me. I am pretty good at trick training.
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