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Re: Funny conure stories

Quote: Originally Posted by Helitorian View Post
Today, while at my best friend's home, Con became a thief! My best friend had handed me a Girl Scout cookie and I asked to see the box to read the ingredients. While reading, Con scurried down my arm and to the hand holding the cookie. I felt a tug and looked down in time to see her rip off one whole side of the cookie! With her ill gotten gains in beak, she waddled back up my arm to eat on my shoulder. There was lots of squabbling as I tried to take her treat but I finally got what was left of it away and quickly popped it into my mouth. Guess humans aren't the only ones that go crazy for Girl Scout cookies
LOL. Our Guava does this, too. Look away for a sec, and she dives right in, steals whatever you were eating, and dashes!
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