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Exclamation Biggest scare of my life

I made a post just telling about how I got a new rope perch for Pearl and how she didn't mind it.Well now I might burn it.Everything was fine for hours and then about 15 minutes ago I came in and found Pearl laying in the corner of her cage She was so scared and she could of only been like this for about 10 minutes because I previously walked through.I don't know what happened but she was glaring at the perch I scooped her up and she instantly became alert.I put her out of the cage and gave her fresh food and water.I could instantly tell she was dehydrated because she drank water for a long time.Then started eating and her poop was just water.I Instantly took that perch out and I'm sending it back.I am buying a dowel rod tomorrow.Now she's eating carrots and pellets and drinking along with hitting the I love you button on her electronic cell phone.I held her for a long time and petted her and she started preening herself while on my hand.I am still soo scared.This is my worst fear come true.Could she have internal damage from lack of water?The perch was there for about three hours.Im a wreck right now.Do I take her to the vet tomorrow?Or now or I'm just soo scared.She seems back to normal but they're masters obviously at hiding illness.
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