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Re: Biggest scare of my life

Quote: Originally Posted by roxynoodle View Post
Wulfgeist, you might want to put Jasper's bowls at the bottom of the cage for now since he is so young. Some heavy crock dishes, or even ziptie the SS ones to the sides so he doesn't knock them over. That would probably help him.

Yes, yesterday I tried to give Pete an identical wood piece to the one he's been using in his cage as a foot toy and he was like OMG, crap! And every time I replace the blocks on his wood toys we go through this. The funny part is he isn't afraid of like anything in the house. Just bird stuff that goes into his cage, is on his parrot tower or that I might offer him to play with when he's out. Yet, he will steal my eye drop bottle, which is pretty big and try to rip it to shreds. He got one already and now he wants all of them.

I did notice him eyeballing the ceiling fan a few days ago (not on yet for the season). I said, "Pete it's been there the entire time you've lived here. It isn't new!"
What is it with bottles??? Mickey doesn't bite usually However, if you have a bottle of any kind, or a paper towel...he goes crazy and will attack until he gets it!

Poor Pearl.... I agree she probably just got a little "freaked out" by the new thing in her cage, I'd keep trying, once she get used to it, she should be ok.
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