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Re: poop count

thanks for the replies. good bird food is, or was, very hard to come by in my country
until just recently. i only managed to get 2 harrison's pellet packs about 2 years ago,
from the vet, until they just stopped selling them. don't know why. after that i tried
looking for another brand of pellets and got all my birds on animalzone's petline
pellets, which was the only other brand i could barely find. it's been a loooong while
now, but all the shops that sell it haven't stocked up any more. the only other thing
i can find now is zupreem (which i might add was just recently brought into the
country coz i never saw it anywhere else before). i managed to get my birds into
it and they eat it just fine.

as for ordering online.... i can't get any food delivered into the country. it's illegal.

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