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Re: do you let your conure up on your shoulder?

There are different ideas about birds on your shoulder. It can cause dominance issues, because they are up higher and at or above your eye level, but it depends on the bird. I usually train babies to snuggle on my chest, under my chin, instead of on the shoulder. This helps them bond with me and prevents them developing dominance issues. Larger parrots are more prone to this, but it can be an issue with any species. She probably developed the habit, but you can break it by only allowing her below eye level.
As far as stepping down goes, this is something they learn through practice just like stepping up. Try practice laddering and perching on your finger alot, and when you want her to step down lower her so her her backwards so her feet are close to the surface of where you want her to go, while saying step down. Sunnys love being upside down so shes probably just trying to play, and should learn with practice.
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