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Re: Can he/she possibly know me already?

Quote: Originally Posted by Cliffordsmom View Post
I went to visit my new baby at lunch today and was soooo surprised to see his little 10 week old clumsy self run to the cage door when I peeked in at him. I reached in to pick him up and no fuss at all. He cuddled right up to me underneath my chin and purred like a little kitty. He fussed when I put him back in his cage. Is it really possible that he remembers me this early?
So incredibly sweet.
Being a breeder myself i would say that most of the credit goes to the hand-rearer. Seems she has done a wonderful job so far & he/she is a very social calm happy little baby. However a weekly visit really will help with the transition when you do finally take him/her home.

Do CAG babies go through various stages like the eclectus. In the first 4 months a baby eclectus sometimes can be like Jekyll or Hyde.
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