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Re: Conure Plucking?!

Quote: Originally Posted by cokeclassic View Post
He just pulled it off by the way, he looks like he has for the last two weeks now so I don't know if he's been doing this a lot. Is he molting? How can I help him?
I am sure it is safe to say he is molting which your Vet has confirmed by mentioning blood feathers coming in. The feathers that are coming loose are the old feathers. Because they are ready to come out it appears your bird is plucking. Actually they just fall out as your bird preens.

The black on the feathers, my guess because they are just appearing would be bronzing caused by rubbing the color from the feathers either by handling or your bird rubbing up against something in his cage.

If your bird is in fact molting & I suggest it is all you need do is make sure he is on a well balanced diet & give him lots of showers.

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