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Re: I Love My Cuddle Babies

Quote: Originally Posted by cdog View Post
Aw they are so cute. I have my twins too. They are 9 and 9 1/2 weeks old. I love baby gcc, they are so fun.
Thanks for looking cdog! You know well that two GCC's can be a handfull but they sure are fun and loving.
Quote: Originally Posted by jewels04 View Post
aww so cute! Love them they are adorable!
Thanks for looking and commenting Jewels
Quote: Originally Posted by lexx510 View Post
They are absolutely adorable!
Thank you lexx, I appreciate the comment!
Quote: Originally Posted by KatherineI View Post
Awww!!!! So glad to see them getting along so well!
Makes me want to bring home the Turquise that's been there forever
They are getting along really well Katherine! On day one or two I would have never thought they'd get along. In fact I kind of thought it would be a matter of time before one of them would be dead. Cody fits in so well. From the moment I got him home he was so loving and sweet to me. They both make me so happy!
I think the Turquoise one is owned by one of the guys at the store.
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