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Ear Biting

Hi all,

My Alexandrine is about 6 months old now and he's not usually aggressive but he's not cuddly either. But lately whenever I have him near (on the back of the couch) or on my shoulder with my hair up, he bites my ears. Hard. He's usually just chilling on the back of the couch and I haven't noticed any aggression before he does it, so I'm looking for some insight as to why he does it and how to deal with it.
If I have my hair down he doesn't have any interest in them at all, he will just preen me.
I just put him back in his cage for time out, but after he's bitten me and I try to put him in his cage he gets really aggressive.
As a side note, he gets pretty bad cage aggression as well, so I just leave his door open so he can come out whenever he likes, with out forcing myself on him. And he does flutter out when he is ready and loves to hang around but he also hates going back in to his cage.
So I don't really know how to handle it but I sure don't like getting bitten on the ear!
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