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How cold is to cold?

Its been nice and cool here in the city at night and I love it. But I want to make sure chi chi is warm enough, He has a cozy corner and a thermo perch and I have been covering the cage with a blanket. Right now its 63f.
Now I know birds can handle pretty low temps, but I don't want a sick bird.
At one school i worked at in Wood haven queens they had amazon parrots that lived in the front, I would see them in the afternoon in the trees and they were really loud, They were green bodied and had a red stripe above their beak. and there were also like 40 of a different species that were smaller and green and i remember seeing them all lined up under the train trestle sleeping in the winter, rain,snow etc. and it didn't seem to bother them. Although Im sure they had a number of diseases
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