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Red face Mave is SO stubborn!

I swear the silly little bird refers to his pellets like "well if you aren't eating Brussels Sprouts I don't see why I should eat these". It's funny, no matter WHAT I do, you couldn't pay him enough to want his pellets. He is so funny about it though. I have been trying to add blueberries to his diet a little..and he will pick up a berry like he is going to eat it, let me feel all excited that he might actually eat something good for him, then drop it and pretend he has no knowledge of it ever being there. Silly silly little guy. I hope that he will ease into his pellets, I know it takes a seed junkie some time to take to them. I still love him tons though! Got his DNA test kit in the mail the other day..not I have to bring myself around to actually "doing the deed". I think I will make my boyfriend do it...haha..
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