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Re: Toxic List for our Birds.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Keupi View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Tracy842 View Post
Potatoe is fine as well as tomatoes (well washed of course), but keep the leaves, vines, stems away they are highly toxic.
Right on the money Tracy!

A potato, if cooked, is fine (like the mashed you described). A tomato, is fine whether cooked or raw. The leaves, vines, and stems, are not good... it's a fruit thing (and a tomato is a fruit)...but the fruit itself is fine with a tomato.

Veggies, like a potato - cook.

If you're concerned, and even if you're not, talk with your vet. The nutrition information is only a guideline, not ever an absolute.
Tomatoes and Potato are both from the nightshade family. Chances are the toxins in the leaves/stems/vines carry the same poisonous properties as deadly nightshade.
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