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Why do so many birds get sick and die young?

Since I have been on this forum, (very short time) I have noticed so many sick and dying birds. What are we doing wrong? When I was a child I knew an elderly couple who had a parrot for 40 years never had it to the vet.
Sometimes I wonder how many unnecessary tests are performed on our pets just as so many tests are performed on us by medical doctors.

Has anyone considered how much blood from a small bird it takes to do a blood panel ? Now consider taking that amount of blood from an already weakened sick bird, which has to knock him to the floor as far as fighting off whatever is ailing him.

We have been lucky enough to find a vet for our dogs who doesn't do unnecessary tests without doing the obvious in the beginning, then if his quick fix doesn't take care of it he will go on to testing. Saves hundreds of dollars just to find out maybe they just needed antibiotics to begin with.
Our avian vet doesn't like to take blood unless it is absolutely necessary which I am very pleased to know for this very reason.

I know birds go down hill fast but doesn't taking blood take them down even faster, especially on a smaller bird? It seems they end up dying anyway.

It is just very depressing to hear these stories of their babies and the expenses they have been out and still be unable to save them and are left with huge expenses to pay for.

The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it just makes you stop and think if it is always in the best interest of the pet or to pad their pockets. I know there are times when it might be needed but I wonder how often it could be treated without all of the tests.

Maybe I am just cynical but I have lived enough years (65) to see greed take over in every corner of society. Anyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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