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Re: Receipt Till/Paper is Toxic for us and birds

Quote: Originally Posted by Conuregirl View Post
i hate to be the bearer of bad news....but i saw a post recently with a parrot shredding real receipt paper rolls in someone's thread but i couldn't find it.

The paper may be toxic and contains bpa. there are non toxic ones available, too. i hope the ones for birds, sold with toys are fine. i guess you have to check the description. most stores use the bad paper when we purchase something. You can read about it here:

BPA: Paper Receipts Found To Contain Disputed Chemical

also, there are more articles available all over. just search "receipt paper toxic"
It might have been me - but my recommendation was the one from MyParrotShop, which was designed for parrots. Senior Accountant - Hanging Toys - My Parrot Shop - Parrot Toys and Parrot Supplies in Australia

Was this the one you're referring to, or was there another post about using the "real" receipt rolls?
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