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Re: New Lovebird Owner and ?'s

Hi and welcome, buying from a large pet store, birds never seem to get enough human attention, your gonna have to be really patient with him and its gonna take time, but saying that he will sit on your hand, does he choose to do this or are you asking him to step up? Think you are doing the right thing by not forcing him to come out, When he is on your hand and before you give scritches maybe let him see the hand he may be more receptive to it. If not then take it slowly he will get used to it. As he is standing on your hand I don't think he is scared of it, more likely nervous of what that other hand is likely to do. I've got two parakeets here that were really badly treated and they were petrified of the human, especially the hands, when I put them near them I would get a real good bite, now they will come out of the cage, but only when they want to and not before, they will sit on the hand and let me give scritches, they do need to see the hand first, otherwise its a good bite again.

Do you have any pictures that you can share with us of your little lovebird, we do love pics.
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