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Re: Frequency of baths

I just came across this thread -- Pritti used to bathe every day, now maybe a couple times a week. He bathes in his water dish -- always has for 30 years. He methodicaly flings water from beak all over body, flaps wings to spread and gets soaked through and through, then goes up to same corner on top of cage every time to preen and dry - and he wants to be left alone usually until he is dry (I think he feels vulnerable when wet). I've tried spray, sprinkle, sink with a little water, shower - he totally FREAKS OUT, even with just a little flick or splash of water. He runs in tho the nearest wall if there isn't a hiding place. Vet said it's normal and just let him bathe when he feels like it.

What do think? Should I try to get him to let me spray him? Any tips? Or, am I making too much of a big deal out of the fewer baths per week? Sometimes I tell him that he needs a bath because he's starting to get stinky. He doesn't listen, lol.

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