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African gray may have had a stroke.

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Hi to everyone. I'm a new member and I'm hoping to get some feedback on my African gray that had a stroke. I've taken him to a board certified avian vet where he blood work and an MRI. I have no idea how old he is but I've owned him for almost 40 years. My intent was to buy a baby African Gray but when i saw Mr. Smith sitting in his cage in the middle of a pet shop shaking uncontrolably I felt so badly for him I bought him. It took many years for him to trust me. As a matter of fact I was just about ready to give up on him when one day he came towards me instead of backing away. He's only spoken one word in all the years I've had him and that is a deep sounding hello. I would say he got that from whoever owned him before. Now this stroke has left him unable to walk. If he couldn't use his beak to help him get around his cage he would be helpless. I have made his cage as handicapped assessable as I could. I even raised the floor in his cage up just under his perches in case he should fall... It takes him awhile to get his little feet to unfold so he's able to grab onto a perch while hanging on with his beak. I feel so helpless watching him. He is given 3 different kinds of medication a day to help prevent any future strokes. He's alert, likes peanuts more then anything and is picky about everything else he eats. I guess you could say he likes his junk food over veggies and fruit. I offer him everything I think he will eat. Most veggies are tossed out of his cage. He will eat fruit cocktail but only because it's sweet. He loves casseroles. He has no quality of life sitting there in his cage but now that I'm older I don't think any bird does compared to being free. I've thought of putting him down but can't bring myself to do it. I've owned him for almost 40 years and I have no idea how old he was when I bought him. He may have been a young adult. Any suggestions on how I should proceed with Mr. Smith. I love him and feel so badly for him but am willing to do whatever it takes to make him comfortable and happy.

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