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Re: Sun Conure or cockatiel?

onures are very big nippers and cockateils are super sweet but once you stop givging them attetion for a long time they can gret aggresive. Some conures are louder then other and cockateils can be meaner then other. All together i would reccomend a sun cure because they are larger and louder and tend to be feistier. I reccomend a green ckeeded conure. Not because i have one. But i love mine! I wouldnt sell him for all the money in the world, but they are are like have a cockateil with the quietsness, but they make cute like quirks and are little clowns, they are many different beautiful mutatuin i have a yellow sided and he is rainbow, there is also turqoise, cinniom, pineapple and a few more. They are smaller then sun conures, quieter, their bite isnt as hard as a sun because of the size different in beaks and they are cuddly like cockateils. They keep them self occupied but still need to same care and attention a sun conure and a cockateil needs. They are the same price as a sun conure, adorable and super sweet. Make sure with either birds you make sure you show them whos in charge as they are young otherwise they will be bitey brats. mine is but i spoil him rotten. But in all honsety you are better off with a green cheek because they are like a mixture of a cockateil and sun conure! Hope this helps! Happy Birthday! Haha!
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