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I'm picking up my 11 week old female eclectus this Friday and had a few questions about weaning. (I have experience with hand feeding U2)

1: The breeder told me to NOT have any toys for her until she is fully weaned, as the toys will distract her and slow down the weaning process. I wasn't sure if that's really necessary...

2. I have a VERY large cage set up for her (approximately 7ft high by 4 ft wide) she is still learning her balance and grip but is doing very well, when can I transfer her to the larger cage? (she is being kept in a smaller, temporary cage)

3. At what age do the eclectus parrot fully wean (approx)? The breeder told me 12-14 weeks, just wanted to be clear on what to expect.

Lastly... this is not really a question but I had a great idea. I picked up a clear shower curtain from Target today ($5.99) and cut the curtain to the size of the tray pan for both the cage and the travel carrier and Vua La you have a cheap, durable tray liner! It's perfect in replacing newspaper!!! It is water proof, easy to clean, eco friendly and in my case where I don't get newspaper... it saves quite a bit of money from wasted paper towels. Just a cool idea I thought I would share
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