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Re: Weaning

I maybe able to help here.

My babies have a stuffed toy in their baby cage to cuddle into. Also any hanging toy is always enjoyed. I doubt it will distract her at all. Just be careful when introducing a new toy because sometimes the colours can scare them.

It's a great idea to keep her in the temp cage untill she has learnt to fly & land correctly. I put my chicks in a big cage at around the 14 week age. Using a smaller cage as a sleeping cage at night can also give them a bit of security at night & will lessen the likely hood of falls during sleep. I also cover all my cages at night.

As far as weaning goes each baby is different. Don't be to quick to wean, although 12 to 14 weeks can be normal age but in my experience it can & does take longer. I let my babies decide when they don't want the formula. Once they start to become independent at around the 12 to 14 week mark, I offer a sooky feed late afternoon & give it to to them until they refuse it. Some will enjoy their sooky feed for a few more months, some just a few weeks.
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