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Re: Converting Parrots to a Healthier Diet - Tips

Add to the dishes

"Cake" bit - just flattened out

And the birds eating it!

Just to add into this....

These were not all my ideas. Quite a few came from other members/people, and these ideas have been gathered through the years so I can't credit everyone properly, but I want to say thanks to everyone out there for "helping me" put this together, even if you were/are unaware of what information I was storing for later use! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

The pellet paste is actually from Vetafarm itself and is the only source I can credit with all due respect. Here is the video!

If anyone else has any other ideas on how to convert a parrot over to a better diet, or would like to expand on something previously mentioned (do you have pictures that would help? or perhaps more information for a specific one already posted?) then please fill free to let me know and I can add it in!
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