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Re: water bottle vs water cup - opinions please

If you're going the water bottle route, do not be cheap on it. They will probably leak like the one I bought. Instead we give Lucy a water bowl, and change her water several times a day. M-F maybe 4-5, and more on the weekends. She has been known to dip pellets in there sometimes, but I change it out so frequently that it's not that bad. I also keep the food and water bowls on opposite sides of the cage to discourage her from dipping. It works for the most part.

Another reason I didn't go the water bottle route is because the vet says the easiest place for bacteria to form and grow is typically water. I know everyone has their own lives to live, but I feel like a water bottle removes the responsibility of always needing to change the water and some may over look it. Again, not saying this is what everyone is going to do, but I just feel that as a human, it could justify you leaving the water in there for more than a day.

I love my Lucy and she's worth the effort to change her water so often. I even give her a piece of ice so it's nice and cool.
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