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Re: water bottle vs water cup - opinions please

AFP520 has a point. Not mentioned, is the water spout. The spout is even more likely to grow bacteria because it's not as easy to clean as the rest of the bottle.

A potential issue with providing *only* a water bottle is if the bird doesn't learn how to drink out of it, or if the bird, being a huge dunker, tries to stuff food up inside the spout causing bacteria to grow, possibly stuffing up the spout so no water comes out, or leaving it stuck open so all the water drains out.

Riio, what you are considering is probably fine! That is, using both a water bottle and a water dish! I have heard of other owners using this method just fine!

Erinsmom, I've noticed the same with locking dishes in the pet isles... (bird vs small animal/rodent) but its the same price online! Go figure... lol
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