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Re: water bottle vs water cup - opinions please

Quote: Originally Posted by Erinsmom View Post
I agree on the if you get a water bottle get a nice one. They are also cheaper for some reason if you go to the reptile section than if you buy them in the bird section. I don't know why. I got a glass one that has 2 balls. It doesn't leak and as glass is much easier to clean and sanitize than plastic plus I always think of how water tastes after it has been sitting in plastic YUK.. Mine is also flat on one side so it sits nicely against the cage, It was 10 bucks in the reptile section of Petsmart.
Methinks birds are rarer/more exotic and therefore to market the product as being that niche will generate more revenue.

Plastic is bad for water - plastic leeches chemicals. Since plastic is made from oil, it's not good for a number of reasons, regarding drinkable or edible liquids (even tomato sauce, V8, etc), over a period of time.

Try getting two bottles of V8. One in plastic. One in glass. Get containers with expiration dates stamped as far out as possible. Drink a cup from each. The B8 in the plastic container tastes rank, and it's in a comparatively recently manufactured state. That's how bad plastic is. For liquids. For food solids and then properly recycling, plastic is A-OK as far as I am aware of... Now think of water sitting in a plastic cup all day...
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