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Is this what is meant by Free Flight?

did you find a Red Headed Parrot? (Laguna Hills)
Date: 2012-10-10, 5:03PM PDT [Errors when replying to ads?]
If you found a red headed parrot in Laguna Hills.... That flys very well... please release him. He is a free flying parrot and he knows where home is.. Hes out every day and comes back periodically through the day for food and water and comes back to sleep at night. He hasnt checked in with me... so assuming someone captured him. Hes been in this freeflight environment for over a year now... So please release him so he can come home to his family or call me IF YOU HAVE HIM. thank u 7 14 3 6 6 6 7 0 2. Thank you!
What do you think of this?

So irresponsible...the bird would be lucky if someone took him in. More likely he was eaten.
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