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Re: Hard decision

It doesn't sound like you really had a choice. My heart goes out to you. WE had to make that decision many years ago with a puppy that we rescued that was being abused. He was our baby but as he got older he started turning on people that he knew and saw every week including their kids. It got to the point that the only people that could get near him was me, hubby,and daughter. yes he did bite several people. We did have to put him down and it broke our hearts, he was our baby, however their were too many young children living around us and the chance was to great that he would do some real damage. according to the vet he was schisophrenic if that is possible. I did notice that other than us he would never make eye contact with anybody. I don,t know but we did what we had to. I understand how you feel and you have my sympathies
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