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Re: Hard decision

I am so sorry you have had to make this decision.

I have run dog rescue in the past and continue to rehabilitate cases such as yours. It is possible to rehabilitate her... however... it is rare for such rehabilitation to be within the scope of your average everyday person. Over the years, I have had to put down three rehabilitated dogs... simply because there was no home for them to go to because the maintenance required for their rehabilitation meant they were too much for your average person and without the required maintenance they could be a danger to others or even themselves. Two were old highly aggressive male dogs who needed a firmer hand than I could trust anyone with.
I even had to euthanise an escape artist dog, she could not be contained, she was an accomplished digger and climber who would have been certain to have died a cruel death on a road or from a fall or from getting stuck. I know this because a previous little dog had hung herself in just that manner, escaping from a fully enclosed collapsible crate.

With all the lovely dogs needing homes in this world, those who would find it difficult to find a place they could truly settle into do need to make way for those who have a really good chance of finding their place. Otherwise they take up many resources which could be used to save more dogs in their place.

I know nothing anyone says will make the burden any less (and its the reason I no longer run rescue) but moving her on to be at peace leaves you open to possibly do good for another animal who needs rescue who may find its place easily in this world.
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