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Re: Hard decision

I would just put her up to a new home. We had the same problem. We took in a stray pit american bulldog, Roxie, the most amazing dog I ever owned. She was such a sweetie pie, but a year into having her, we had to move and of course, no one wanted a pit. Took a week to rehome her, because she was such a good rounded dog- loved all people, loved, kids, loved all pets, loved dressing up, loved traveling, going to the dog park, etc. Well, 2 months later, I go a call saying I had three days to pick up Roxie from the shelter or they'd put her down. I called up the owner and they wouldn't say what happened, but they had to get rid of her and they were so sorry and I was so mad they dropped her off at a kill shelter rather than give her back to me and I told them out of anger they were not fit to raise anything, including their 3 month old daughter (I was steaming), and surprisingly, they got quiet and said they know that, and apologized again, and I hung up. I had to take off work early, borrow money from my boss to pay to ge her ou of the shelter, and she was in bad physical shape- her nails were disgustingly long, some snapped in half and just hanging on, she had very red skin, and her hair was falling out! But she came to me with kisses and trying to jump into my arms (she is a 60 pound lap dog). We took her home, and our new landlord said that becasue of the circumstnaces we could keep her ! Well, a week later he went in our room where Roxie was crated and she was snapping her jaws and snarling, so I got a very frantic call from him saying she had to go. I thought, on no, not my Roxie. I got home and he went in the room first and I heard this terrible snarl and knashing and was in shock, my Roxie, loved strangers and would bark and charge and then lick them to death, not snarl. In fact, I've never heard a snarl form her ever. It was scary. Then we took her to the dog park, and she attacked 3 dogs and growled and barred her teeth at any man who came near! Needless to say, but because she was a pit, male agressive,and dog agressive, it took for ever to rehome her and we called up every shelter and rescue and no one wanted to take a pit because they had 'too many', but after 3 weeks of posting her online we found a home. It took forever and we went through 5 or 6 people who either had a dog or hubby, and finally we found someone. The easy way was to take her to places and people would say how beautiful she was and I'd offer her right to them, and it worked one time.
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