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Re: Screaming again, help please!!

I would highly recommend it. Even though your bird isn't plucking, it should help her calm down a bit. Given how young she is, I have a hard time believing that she won't grow out of it. You also have not had her too long, so it is worth seeing how it goes once she has adjusted even more to everything.

I totally feel for you, and don't know if my family or neighbors (or even myself!) could handle that situation for 2-3 more months. Honestly, I know its the last thing parrot owners recommend doing, but if it goes on for another 3 months, I would have to rehome her.

That said, I am optimistic that it will work out. She is so young. I would try pluck no more and see where that goes. It might just be that she has to live in the dark a lot until she stops screaming. Pretty soon she'll get tired of being in the dark all the time and will want to see her flock and see the daylight and everything. The parrot behaviorist sounds like a good idea. I don't know if the rate quoted is expensive or reasonable, but if I were you, I would probably go for it out of desperation. My only hesitation is that she might grow out of it naturally and is a bit young for serious training, from my perspective. But this person could be really talented and it could really work. I'm sort of inclined to suggest you try pluck no more first and see how that goes before investing the money. I wouldn't say you are going overboard, this is a tough situation, I would be going nuts!
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