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Help New 1st time parrot owner!!!

We recently bought a 6 yr old quaker parrot. We are new the parrot world. She did so well in our home for the first 3 weeks. Somewhat insecure around children as she was raised by a woman. Yesterday she began attacking the cage when anyone was near. Agressive is a big understatement here. Also bites and attacks you if you put your hand in the cage where before she loved being petted and sitting on our shoulder. Making clicking noises with her beak. She is also sitting on the floor of her cage a lot and fluffs her feathers which she did frequently anyway. She is lifting her wings and bobbing her head a lot now and has quit singing andy griffith song and whistling at us. it is more of a scream now. She acts like she has epilepsy now. We are really worried about her and are at a loss as to how to procede. We have tried the time out thing in the cage covered. also firmly saying no and when she bites we gently squeeze her beak to get her to let go. We want her to be happy but are at a loss as to how to help her. any suggestions would be welcome. thanks
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