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Re: Screaming again, help please!!

Thanks maillet, nothing has changed since day one. I always train her around the same time, and feed her on a strict schedule. My dad did come home to visit for a few days so maybe that's what changed? She does readily step up on his hand and enjoys his company...

I read this article: Good Bird Inc Parrot Training Talk: Stop your Parrot from Screaming for Attention

Nalani makes this adorable baby whining sound when she is about to fall asleep, so I have started to reward that sound and she has gradually moved up to making the sound throughout the day. I am hoping she will learn that this sound = treats and attention instead of screaming. I also continue putting her in a dark bathroom when she screams (i love the bathroom idea because it prevents her from thinking her cage is a negative place). She has made a small amount of improvement, which is really good.

My dad will be leaving this Thursday, so if he was what scared her then I will know for sure pretty soon. I never though such a small change would make her so upset, thanks for the suggestions

PS: how did you teach your baby to flip? I've been trying, but she hates being on the floor or any flat surface.
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