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Re: Help New 1st time parrot owner!!!

I agree with Tex. I believe a trip to a vet is in order. Even if its just to get a basic work up on her. Birds hide illness and injury well because in the wild an injured/sick bird is somethings dinner. By the time a bird shows signs of illness they are very sick.

As far as getting her settled in goes, is she in a spot where at least one of the walls of her cage has a wall behind it? So nothing can sneak up behind her. That may help with feeling secure. It takes time to build trust between you and the parrot. My zon has been here for a little over a month and he still bites sometimes but I haven't been caught off gaurd and actually biten for over a week and a half now. I have learned his body language and he has learned to trust me more. We are both in training. How is she away from the cage? When I move my Zon to another room where he can't see his cage he is a complete sweetheart. In the room with the cage though...he is a bit nippy still. I believe he sees the whole room as "his space". When he is in what he percieves as my space he is much better behaved. With time he will let me touch him more and more in "his space", he is already letting me give him scratches through the cage bars and some while he is out on his tree stand. Just be patient and don't expect too much too soon. It will come.
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