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New Conure bad old habbits

I just adopted a new conure from a co-worker and he is not friendly at all. When i went to go get him he had no toys in his cage and from what she was telling me about him, he was never really payed much attention to other than when getting new food and water.. So he's about 5 years old and i've had him on my hand a couple times but he always lunges and bites at you before you can even get close enough to get him out of the cage.

I'm new to conures and their a lot different that cockatiels.( which i have two of and their sweet as pie). Does anyone have any advice on how to train him to be more tame? I've seen videos of conures on youtube and other sites and they are really friendly playful birds. His wings are also not clipped as well..
I'm just kinda lost on this one
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