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What species?


I'm Graeme Shelton and i'm brand new to this forum.

I know this is probably a pretty common theme on this here forum, but here goes. I'm moving to Guelph ontario in a couple of months and am looking for a new room mate (namely a parrot). I will be living in an apartment and therefore would not purchase the bird until I knew for sure I would be able to keep a noisy pet where I lived. But I'm trying to research extensively before I move.

The species that I have looked into with any detail are the Eclectus and Senegals. These both interest me for a few reasons, but please correct me if i'm wrong. They both seem to be very personable species and from what I've read neither seem to be extremely loud (though I know exceptions are always there in the animal world).

Would these species be good choices as I have never kept parrots before? I'm experienced with dogs, cats and reptiles. The reptiles will be the only animals moving with me. Would this pose a serious problem when keeping a parrot (none of my reptiles are bird eaters)?

What other species would you all recommend looking into?

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance!

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