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Re: What species?

Quote: Originally Posted by GraemeShelton View Post

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance!
Ahhh, but now we get even as you must put up with our ignorance

Welcome to the forum. I don't have hands on experience with either of those species but a senegal could be a good choice.

Quote: Originally Posted by GraemeShelton View Post

I've read neither seem to be extremely loud (though I know exceptions are always there in the animal world).
Here realize that the first part of that statement is relative to other parrots (ie not extremely loud.) Not to discourage, as I have happily had a conure in an apartment for 3 years, but the noise levels they CAN make when they so choose is not to be underestimated.

Really though the second part of your statement is more right on.

Welcome again, browse around the forums, as another future bird ownee (yes ownee not owner) was recently asking similar questions prompting a pretty good discussion.
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