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Thank goodness for that!

Well long last its all over! SAT's are done (awaiting the results), and although it is difficult to predict how things have gone, the boss said she was really pleased with what the children were putting on paper so here's hoping!

My year group and I got back from Germany this morning at 3am. I got tied up in Calais with the French strike action that is going on over there at the moment, and although we had to wait for three hours in the port, the kids enjoyed the trip (all 39 of them!). I am totally exhausted now (took 22 hours to get from Boppard to Liverpool).

I got home to more chicks hatching in the incubators, and the ones I have been growing on are doing well (thanks to a little help from my friends whilst I was away). My ferret kits are also growing strong.

I now have two weeks of work for the half term holidays, so I am looking forward to the rest. If I get time, I may start a new drawing (although I dont normally draw at this time of the year - its usually a dark nights kind of thing for me). I am also still waiting to here from the printer about the African Grey print from the printer (but things seem to be moving forward a little quicker now). So, I will keep you all posted and hopefully it will not be too long before I can start sending them out to those who have ordered one. Cheers all. Ian
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