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Re: Need some advise

It sounds like a LOT has changed for the bird. A human companion is gone, a new one is there, and a move to a new home. I'm sure this has been challenging for you as well, but you KNOW what is going on. Your grey never had anyone explain it to him.

How long has it been since the move? Was there a regular routine in the home that he was used to prior to the divorce? Can any of that routine be continued in the new setting?

As far as the Chet Womach videos I have heard very good things about them, and also very bad things about the agencies that distribute them (taking money and not sending vids, no customer service, etc). Regardless of these feedbacks most if not all that you would find in the videos can be found elsewhere with minimal searching.

Have you done any training with the bird (what's his name BTW)? Does he step up on command reliably/did he used to?

It is not uncommon to have to go back to basics in training after a major life change. Start fresh as if he was a brand new bird, help him RE-learn everything. When you take this approach you may be surprised how fast it comes back. But dont expect him to know something you haven't taught in the new environment - If he new a command in the old house maybe he thought it ONLY meant something in the old house; teach it again in the new setting and he'll get the idea.
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